Improving Health and Care Services in our Neighbourhoods

To improve our local health and care services, Harrow Council, the NHS and the Voluntary & Community Sector (VCS) are developing “Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (INT)”.

The teams are made up of health and care workers, GP’s, public health, community workers and wider partner. Their role will be to work together to deliver more localised services that respond to local residents’ needs, as well as working to establish stronger relationships with services that impact the overall health and well-being of our local communities, including housing, employment, and education services.

Our aim is to make services easier to access, better designed to meet individual needs and better connected to the community.

Harrow’s Three Neighbourhoods

There are three neighbourhood teams; West, Central and East.

What neighbourhood are you in?

The team segments have been created based on the operating area of GP’s, this way the support is tailored towards the local area and ensures no disruption in service delivery.

The neighbourhood you are in is therefore dependent on your GP.

What This Means For You

“The professionals with me talked to each other. I could see that they worked as a team.”

“I always knew who was the main person in charge of my care.”

“When I used a new service, my care plan was known in advance and respected.”

“The person in charge of my care helped me to get other services and help, to pull everything together.”

“I was involved in discussions and decisions about my care and treatment as I wanted to be.”

“It felt more personal and I didn’t have to share my story multiple times.”


W/C 6th November: Harrow East INT hosted a community event with the Conversation Café and London Community Kitchen. At this event, patients and partners from GP Practices affiliated with INT learned about services and updates.

W/C 30th October: Harrow West INT visited Alexandra Avenue to explore the building and identify possible spaces for teams. They’re considering a launch event for practitioners and will be soon getting a presentation from Public Health on local population data.

Get Involved

If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please email:

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The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Some of the INTs will be co-opting a local resident or community representative onto their Leadership Team.

Contact us to receive more details about the role

Who’s Already Involved?

Adult Social Care, Primary Care Network (PCN) Managers [GP’s], NHS Community Service,  Adult Mental Health Services, Public Health Lead, Partnership Integrated Care Board (ICB) Lead/Support, Voluntary & Community Sector (Charities & Social Enterprises)