Anyone can be a Champion!

All it takes is to get trained up and then use your networks to promote health and wellbeing and feed back on community concerns.

Gain Skills

Enhance expertise, advocate for health, and empower individuals to make positive choices.

Enhance Prospects

Increases skills, knowledge, and experience; enhancing employability.

Share Information

Disseminate health knowledge, educate and communicate health-related updates.

Help Community

Support community well-being, sign-post, foster health equity, and address local needs.

Connect With Others

Attend events, forge relationships, build partnerships and bring people together.

1. Fill out form

This form allows us to capture your contact details so we can see what your interested in.

2. We’ll get in touch

A co-ordinator will review your form and get in contact with you to start the induction process.

3. You’ll be trained

The training will help you talk to friends, family and colleagues about their health and wellbeing.