Family Hubs are a way of bringing together all the support a family may need. Helping families with children aged 0-19 or up to 25 with SEND (Special Education, Needs and Disabilities). Family Hubs support connection with a range of services that can address needs at the earliest opportunity.

More Integrated Services For Families

Many people in Harrow, including children and young people and their carers, find it hard to access the right support they need, quickly. This is creating avoidable differences in the health and wellbeing and outcomes between different groups of people locally.

Led by the
Harrow Borough Based Partnership, a collaboration of NHS organisations, Harrow Council, our GPs, local Voluntary & Community Sector and our citizens, the Family Hub model will deliver transformational change for children and young people in Harrow, through more integrated services.

The four priority delivery models are set out below:

Family Hubs – Bringing together all the support a family may need, when they need it. Helping families with children aged 0-19 (or up to 25 with SEND) connect with a range of services that can address needs.

Under 5’s – A pilot of a new model for under 5s, supported by GP practices. A key element will be establishing community health and wellbeing champions in the pilot area.

No Wrong Front Door – Our aspiration is that when a child, young person or parent/carer presents with a need anywhere in our system, they will be supported to access the right help in a coordinated way and with no handoffs.

Team Around The Family – Multi-agency team around a family to help them access early support for their young person. This will be tailored signposting and support with a dedicated team making sure the plan is having impact.

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Young Harrow Foundation have a webpage dedicated to the work they are doing with children and young people

If you work with children and young people, and you want to hear more about the integration roll out in Harrow, or see how you can be involved in the design and consultation, sign up here.

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